02 April 2009

No thanks, I'm not interested in a cure.

Did I mention that I have acquired a BlackBerry?

That would sort-of explain my lack of posts for the last two weeks or so...I'm just a little addicted. It's totally awesome because I finally figured out how to get all my email addresses lined up so they download to my BlackBerry. Huzzah! Plus I can update Twitter and read the paper and Fictionwise made an eReader (not that I'm doing that much hard-core reading, the screen isn't very large)....can you tell that it's the new favorite toy? And apparently you can use a mobile Blogger - not sure I want to enable my addiction any more right now...but I might in the future. My cats have taken a dislike to the BlackBerry because it buzzes when new messages come in; I caught Dante hissing at it the other day. I guess he'll have to get used to it, just like he has to get used to that new diet cat food he hates but since he's a fatso he has to eat it anyway.

Speaking of cats, everyone please send "Go home Kingsley" vibes toward Buffalo. My friend Kate's cat, Kingsley, managed to escape through a busted screen the other week and, while there have been Kingsley sightings, the cat is just a tad faster than my friend and remains at large. So - Kingsley, go home! Your mommy is worried! Cooper is, too!

In other dimensions of my existence, I still harbor an ongoing dislike of certain people I work with (who are stupid and should be fired) at both the research job and the bookstore gig. How someone can remain employed at a bookstore while unable alphabetize by author's last name is beyond me. I also have a new theory regarding the behavior of one of the managers - said manager likes to employ brain-dead people because brain-dead people remain in an infantile state and are easily bossed around by said manager and anyone else who happens to be in the area. Said manager dislikes those of use who actually have a functioning brain because we don't take crap off anyone, particularly said manager. As regards people I dislike at the research job, let's just say it's still the same person.

In happier news, I received a review copy of a book from Hyperion: The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. I'm a bit chuffed because I was expecting an ARC and lo, I got an actual, real copy of the book, ISBN barcode and all. I've got the first chapter down (and it reads quite well) but I can just say that if Hyperion had retained the original UK title, Divas Don't Knit, I would have run away screaming.

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