30 August 2007


I finished my first sock!!!!!!!!!!!

It actually looks like a sock AND it fits on my foot, despite all my worrying about making the foot too big. Apparently I have feet that large (feet just don't look at all big when you're looking down at them).

The only drawback to the toe-up sock was trying to get a strechy bind off. So three bind offs later - bind off in pattern of 2x2 rib (bind off edge was sooooo tight the cuff wouldn't even fit over my heel), a sewn cast-off for 2x2 rib (which was so confusing that after about 5 stitches I unpicked it and swore....a lot), a regular knit bind off (which looked really bizarre) - I bound off the cuff in half double crochet and that worked. Stretchy and not to wierd looking.

I'll have to put a picture up when I can find batteries for my camera (the digital camera is currently a battery-eating machine; boo).

In other knit-related news, I have a stuffed animal that resembles an Eeyore, minus ears and tail. It took six hours (gaaaahhhhh) but all the body seams are sewn and the little blighter is stuffed. Now I have to make another one.

And my ball winder arrived at the shop. Which is good because I'm going to need to wind the next ball for the tank and the sock.

Current book-in-progress: We by Yevgeny Zamyatin, Travels in West Africa by Mary Kingsley (for which I'm probably going to go to hell because I'm supposed to moderate it for the BNBC and I can't get past the first chapter), Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and I'm chipping away at Cultural Amnesia (Clive James went on an anti-Sartre tirade; it was great).
Current knitted item: I have about 4.5 inches done on the tank and I'm starting my second sock.

08 August 2007

Go me

I totally just had a kick-ass performance review. Hah!

I guess being an obsessive-compulsive detail freak really pays off some days. (Oh, and I got a birthday present of yarn from my boss - what shall I do with it?)

Current book-in-progress: Need to finish some things, but I checked out Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume - really great personal essays about how Judy Blume's writing made a difference in young women's lives (of course, these women are all grown-up writers now)
Current knitted item: I have 3 inches done on the tank; I need a beer to get Eeyore's seams sewn. Bleah.

04 August 2007

Another year gone

A little older, maybe a little wiser, who knows.

I bought more yarn. Hahaha. Ediye sent an email for $10 off my purchase during my birthday week. I don't think I need to explain how quickly that $10 got used up. I got yarn for my next project from Fitted Knits (U-neck tank), got some Noro Silk to remake the Sunflower Tam (dratted cats), and I found some really pretty blue-green/white varietaged yarn to make "Calorimetry" from knitty.com.

Oh, and I bought some books. Duh. I even finished some books, too. Go me. I finished Harry Potter and the Ivory Tower. Really interesting. I think it's be neat if they published a new edition with addenda after the essays. Also finished Wuthering Heights - again. That's for the BNBC group; now I just have to decide what threads to put up.

Current book-in-progress: Requiem for a Dream - I must have a thing for books about damaged people right now; I would also like to start Neil Gaiman's Stardust but I think I should try to polish off many of my unfinished items.
Current knitted item: Tank from Fitted Knits; I would really like to get the Eeyores done but the making up is giving me fits (he's got a pointy butt - what's that about??)