29 January 2007

Presentation = done!

Score one for me for being on point and having my presentation finished. Harry nodded a lot, so I hope that's good.

Now, on to dos Passos and Manhattan Transfer!

Current book-in-progress: Manhattan Transfer by John dos Passos
Current knitted item: booties! (I'd bring the knitting to clinic while waiting to enroll patients, but it looks far more conspicious than a book)

28 January 2007

New semester, same-ol', same-ol'

New semester's started. Taking Modern American Literature (being taught by "Harry" as he signs himself) - the texts range from 1920-1939 (inter-war years). The reading list is pretty cool (but it would have been nice to have this on ISIS or his website somewhere before the start of semester, grrr):

Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton
Manhattan Transfer, John Dos Passos
Cane, Jean Toomer
Quicksand, Nella Larsen (and I might read Passing since it's in the same volume)
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein
Absalom, Absalom!, William Faulkner
Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Day of the Locust, Nathaniel West
Native Son, Richard Wright

Really nice - no overdone books from high school in sight (i.e. Gatsby, Grapes of Wrath (ew), Hemingway, etc) 002 (5K)

Current book-in-progress: The Age of Innocence, an article by Nancy Bentley (to present in class tomorrow) and, yes, still the crap for my term paper - Cavendish, de Pisan, and Wollstonecraft (they're starting to seem like the three Witches from Macbeth - Double, double, toil and trouble....)
Current knitted item: Half a set of booties for Rebekah's baby shower (bootie #1 is knitted and just needs seamed - hey, I have until 12pm February 3 to get them done)

11 January 2007

Paper Hell

I am in paper hell. The dratted thing will not write. And I'd like to get it done before the new semester starts. So instead of writing my paper I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in about three hours. I've come over to the dark side I'm afraid.

Prairie Lights is refusing to give me a list of the books Dr. Stecopoulos ordered for class. I did manage to eyeball them and pick up one at BN (since I work there) solely based on cover art (I also do not have a reading list for said course, yet, because I can't register until the start of term). I do know that Age of Innocence is up first, so I hope I can just use my copy.

I haven't knit anything in about 3 weeks - and no, I didn't finish the d*mned stockings.

Work still sucks. I want a new full-time job (part-time job is still OK most of the time).


Current book-in-progress: Crap for my term paper - Cavendish's The Blazing World, de Pisan's The City of Ladies, and Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Women; Harry Potter; The Age of Innocence
Current knitted item: Does it count if it's on the needles even though I haven't touched it since Christmas Eve?