09 January 2008


I spent 40 minutes on hold with the pharmacy to check on a refill. 40 minutes!!!!!!!

Then I got pissed and hung up.


It is incredibly ironic in that I have to double my workload just to decrease my workload. I'm training two RAs to take over some of my research responsibilities so I can actually get stuff accomplished (like consenting patients, very important). So I have to spend twice as much time on each task just to get them trained....strange. Maybe we should hire people who actually have research epidemiology backgrounds, ne pas?

We'll skip over the whole new year thing for now.

Current book-in-progress: Middlemarch (STILL!!!!!), also The Name of the Rose and Cancer Ward
Current knitted item: blue socks
Current movie obsession: Numb3rs seasons 1 and 3 (season 2 is on order)