27 April 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

Instead of reading things I already own (and have started) I picked up a copy of Shauna Reid's The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl yesterday.

And read the whole thing in one sitting, all 400 pages of it. There's a lot of white space.

My "official" review is on the BN site. It's a good book - well-written, uplifting, inspiring. The addendum here is to confess my gloating when I started the book (thank God I'm not even remotely as fat as that) and serious jealously when I finished (bugger, she managed to get to her goal weight and find a nice guy who liked her before she got there) followed by wallowing in self-loathing for about half an hour about those dratted 40-50 pounds that seem to follow me around constantly.

Melissa needs to stop being a whiny bitch.

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  1. Want to start a long distance diet competition? I seem to do better with competition... (We could even blog about it...)