11 April 2009

Knots, knots, knots


My new cotton yarn is trying to wind itself into knots while I knit. It's been giving me fits since I got home with it. The blue skein wouldn't wind itself up nicely - got all twisted on the swift and then the knob on the ball winder kept popping off. The white skein wound up beautifully. Joy. Then I casted on with the wrong color (white). Sigh. So I had to pull it off the needle and cast on with the other color (blue). Then Dante tried to make off with the skein of blue yarn - while I had it wrapped around my hand trying to get the 1x1 rib started.

Dante's hiding behind the bed now. He got yelled at.

And now that I've got about an inch knitted the yarn is trying to twist into snarls/knots. Sigh. At least this garment isn't for me - it's a poncho for one of my UIHC co-worker's granddaughter (she's only 18 months, the baby, that is). I finally got the handles crocheted onto the linen evening bag I was working on; the problem now is the dratted thing keeps gaping open so I'll need to make/purchase/sew on a fastener of some sort.

I forgot this part recently:
Current book-in-progress: Emma, Wives and Daughters, The Wars of the Roses, and The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (for First Look)
Current knitted item: Red socks and Karma's poncho
Current movie obsession: You've Got Mail (this is my go-to movie)
Current iTunes loop: I've been listening to audio books - Harry Potter #1 is currently playing in the car

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