10 January 2009

What did I decide on?

The evening's entertainment:

4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days and Dan in Real Life (in the background while I was at work, via Netflix); both were good. 4, 3, 2 is probably better than what I thought it was since it is in Romanian and I wasn't able to catch many of the subtitles. Dan was better than I thought it would be and is the first thing I've watched where I didn't want to kick Steve Carrell for being irritating

After skating home from the office, I put in Oklahoma! - which seems to be the National Theatre production from London; I thought it was Australian. Decent singing, sort of hammy acting. Most notably there were very bad flatland drawls; we don't drawl like we're from Georgia - the vowels are flatter. Major downer: Susan Strohman did the choreography which is BULLSHIT because Agnes de Mille is the bomb; so the choreo looked completely uninteresting - what was wrong with the original de Mille? People don't re-choreography Fosse. But Hugh was good - and he took his shirt off for the fight scene at the end. Mmmm.

I then followed up with The Bourne Ultimatum. Good action movie. David Strathairn is very, very scary. I'm also glad they didn't knock off Nicki because that would have been too depressing; very interesting doubling with the scene where Nicki is cutting/dyeing her hair compared with Marie's scene in The Bourne Identity.

And now I'm probably trapped in my house for the time being because we're getting an Arctic system - there's lots of snow around.

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  1. I loved David Strathairn in The Bourne Ultimatum! He's such an amazing and versatile actor. Now I want to watch the whole Bourne trilogy again.

    JD at I Do Things