01 January 2009

Time to get serious

So, I've gained back some weight. OK, all the weight I previously lost. Which should really piss me off and get me in a competitive mood, but it doesn't. I feel really...resigned to the fact that I'll always be a fat(ish) girl. This feeling does not lend itself to action.

So it's time to get serious. Like I said earlier, resolutions and I don't play together very nicely. Something always gets in the way, mostly my holey memory. I just don't remember to do things like write in a food journal, go to the grocery store, or put clean gym clothes in the car. I'm thirty now, so you think I would have this memory thing down but I don't. It's the New Year so I'm hitting the re-start button and I'm going to try and get this thing figured out.

1. Keep a food diary. I have a black journal all ready to go (I actually bought it last March trying to do the same thing but I only wrote in two days; I tore those out). I should really market my own food/workout diary; the commerically available ones all scream "I RECORD EVERYTHING I EAT AND DRINK" because they're spiral-bound with "Food Diary" printed on the cover. Why isn't there a more discreet version available? I could make a fortune.
2. Eat better. Confession: I hate vegetables (they taste like dirt, even after washing). I'm going to have to rectify that, somehow, without drowning everything in dressing or peanut butter. I also don't eat really, really bad things just not the best things for me.
2a. Remember to go to the grocery store more often.
2b. Get smaller sizes in my white chocolate latte. And don't get a scone everyday.
3. Go to the gym more often. Since I haven't gone very often as of late this one shouldn't be too hard. I just have to remember to take clean gym things with me - I won't go to the gym if I have dirty ones or if I have to go back home to get them.
3a. Be serious about going to the gym. I have crappy joints and I still love to dance. I'll dance longer if I don't have to drag about an extra 30-40 pounds.
4. Remember that fad diets are crap. I know this, I'm an epidemiologist. Lower calorie intake + more calories burned = fat burned. It's a simple equation; just needs some practice to get it right.

I need to break some habits.

BTW, I have to mention that I really like the CBS drama Eleventh Hour. Probably because of Rufus Sewell.

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  1. I don't know if you'd be interested, but I was thinking about starting a weight loss blog on blogspot. You know, so that anyone interested to read and comment or post tips or share secrets or whatever.