08 July 2008

I have an interview!

I have an interview set up for July 28th - excellent (I found out that another candidate's interview for the position is scheduled for August 15 - gee, let's stretch this out).

Problem: I need to bring a writing sample of about one page.

Ack!! Does anyone know how long it's been since I wrote something that consisted only of one page? A very long time. And I haven't got anything epidemiology-related that's under ten or at least of anything I wrote all on my little lonesome (I'm not going to use an article I co-wrote). I think I'll photocopy a chapter out of my thesis. At least it's all my own work.

In other fun news, I and a number of my BN buddies are volunteering to usher at the Shakespeare Festival performance of The Winter's Tale on Friday. Originally, the Festival is held outdoors at a period-ish recontruction of a Elizabethan theatre in City Park. Um, yeah, the whole park is (was) underwater and the Festival moved to City High. I need to re-read The Winter's Tale before Friday (or at least crib a bit).

I finished ideas last night! Whoo, hoo. All 746 pages of it. I also polished off 10 Bad Dates with de Niro and I have to say that I really should watch more foreign/non-American Hollywood films.

Current book-in-progress: Agnes Grey, Blindness, and The Dead Father
Current knitted item: Tan linen evening bag
Current movie obsession: Gosford Park (I've watched it three times back to back just for all the commentary)
Current iTunes loop: NPR "All Songs Considered" and "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" along with a little bit of Janet Jackson

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