10 July 2008

I hate the dentist

Here's a random thought: Why do I think there are extra teeth in my mouth once my face is numbed with Novocaine? I feel like my mouth doesn't fit together right because there are too many teeth and none of those teeth belong to me because I can't feel them.

In all seriousness, that was the fastest dental appointment I ever attended. Apparently, I had a chip out of the back of one of my front teeth (the dentist initally thought it was a chipped filling until I pointed out that I'd never had a filling there). The whole appointment took about 25 minutes, start to finish. Even my six month check-ups take longer than that because of X-rays, etc. I traditionally loathe the dentist because I can't stand having someone mess with my teeth, even to clean and polish them. It makes me cringe but I put up with it because I'd like to have my own teeth when I get old.

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