21 July 2008

Hard Candy (like, whoa)

So, yay, Ellen Page was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Juno. What I really want to know is why wasn't she nominated for an Oscar for Hard Candy? Or Patrick Wilson, for that matter? These two actors gave the most real, raw performances and they need to be recognized for their work. Also, David Slade as the director did an amazing job. This is how a suspenseful thriller is made. This movie made me cringe from about the 20-minute mark and didn't let up until the closing credits scrolled. So many "Oh, my God, they aren't really...." moments occured and the whole-picture package really makes you think about how to view voyerism, vigillanteism (is that even a word?), retribution, etc. However, the whole picture rests on Page's performance as a fourteen-year-old girl, hell-bent on getting the truth, and she is utterly spellbinding in this part. You can't look away.

The rest of this week is marginally crazy. I've already got a case of the Mondays - I took the car to Sears for an oil change before embarking my Conclave drive and wound up having to buy two new tires as well (they were getting kind of crappy, but I was hoping to hold out until fall). Sears also tried to convince me that the right-front pin-tie (???) was loose; um, yeah, don't have an extra 200 bucks just laying around unused since the tires are $200. The car will go to Boubin for that (Dad was also skeptical that whatever-part-they-looked-at needed replacing).

Current book-in-progress: Rebecca, The Green Knight, and Agnes Grey (not quite finished)
Current knitted item: Baby booties for Rachel's babies and socks! (tan linen evening bag can wait)
Current movie obsession: Secretary
Current iTunes loop: Filmspotting and NPR

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