10 August 2009

Musing Mondays: Favorite Houses

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Do you have a favourite publishing house -- one that puts out books that you constantly find yourself wanting to read? If so, who? And, what books have they published that you've loved? (question courtesy of MizB)

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I'm very much into having book spines and things that match/are similar - they look soooo pretty lined up on my shelves - so I love lines like Penguin Classics (and Deluxe Classics), HarperPerennial PS, Oxford World's Classics, Norton Critical Editions, or Barnes and Noble Classics. When I'm buying backlist titles, I always look to see what editions are available in imprints that I already own. It's a freaky OCD thing.

When buying newer books (especially hardcovers) I really don't have a "go to" publishing house. I don't usually look at publisher when finding good things to read. I do like to look at the academic presses to see what's new but I don't have a specific example at hand.

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