13 August 2009

BTT: No good...the bad and the ugly

What’s the worst book you’ve read recently? (I figure it’s easier than asking your all-time worst, because, well, it’s recent!) Don't forget to leave a link to your response at Booking Through Thursday.

This is a two-pronged answer.

First up, the last book I read that made me want to rip out all the pages was Interred With Their Bones. There's a mini-review on my blog but suffice to say that I thought it in desperate need of both an editor and a logical plot.

Secondly, I've been slogging through Harold Bloom's Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human. I like Shakespeare and I do think that you have to read the critic that you disagree with in order to forulate a proper arguement. Bloom's book is decent until you get to the chapters on Henry IV, parts I and II; at that point the book swerves into this love-letter to Falstaff and it gets pretty boring. I'm finally past the Falstaff-obsession pages so the book is improving again.

1 comment:

  1. Bloom was compulsory reading at uni, whichnever helps.

    My worst worst book in recent months was Graham Swift's Tomorrow. Such a shame because I love Waterlands, but Tomorrow was self-indulgent twaddle.