31 March 2012

#Bloggiesta: Tricks of Composition

Things to remember when taking a new header picture (since I'm getting a little looney - too much coffee):
  1. Remember where the blog title/subtitle will go.  My first ten shots had no room for the text.
  2. Iron your backdrop.  (I ironed and ironed....the remaining wrinkles will need to be Photoshopped out.)
  3. Think about tying the color into the blog theme.  I went through soooo many piles of books until I found several that were representative of everything I read but had cover designs that wouldn't clash.  Ditto with the knitting.
  4. You will not need all that stuff you gathered up for the photo.  My original set-up included a "Keep calm and carry yarn" knitting bag, Christina Rossetti's Complete Poems from Penguin, the Norton Anthology of Poetry, and my three-headed dragon puppet (he's blue, I like him alot) plus all the pointe shoes and books.  Oh, and Chaucer because he thought there should be a cat in the shot, too.  I took pictures and pared down and shot and pared down....  It took two hours.
  5. Shadows = the devil.  The lighting in my house is terrible.  I jerry-rigged a desk lamp to help with the shadows.
  6. Patience.  Patience.  Patience.

And pet the kittehs.  They get jealous and underfoot if you don't.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, but he was being SUCH a pest, lol

  2. Those are useful tips. I stop before I start these things, but I think if I would just allow myself two hours and go for it by pulling out a bunch of stuff that might work together, I could get some photos I'd be happy with.

    A photography teacher gave me this tip for backgrounds. Use a cheap spongy blanket like they have in hotel rooms. Store it all bunched up in a pillowcase. It will wrinkle, but it will wrinkle in a kind of random, textured way that will look good in a background.

    Great Pin It button!

    1. Oooh, I have a cheap spongy blanket...it is black, though...good to keep in mind for later!

      Thanks! The tutorial (both the written one and Amy's video) made editing the HTML so much easier.

  3. Ohh thats a new header? Looks good! Its a bit broad though, are you planning on slimming it so we can see a post header when we come to your site?

    Have fun on bloggiesta weekend :D

    Dee from e-Volving Books

    1. I plan on making it shorter to get the most recent post title "above the fold" - that just takes more HTML/photo editing skills than what I currently possess right now. *learning curves*

  4. I love the photoshoot idea! I can just see myself spending all day taking photos though...

    Happy bloggiesta-ing!

    1. Time went by so fast while I was working on it. The nice thing about digital is that I can take as many pictures as I want without having to worry about the cost of film.