26 March 2012

The Art of iPhoneography

Since I got my iPhone in November, and downloaded Instagram in January, I've been taking so many pictures with my iPhone.  It's always with me, and has quite a good camera, so I decided to look up a book for help/inspiration.

I'd seen Stephanie Roberts's The Art of iPhoneography floating around the store and decided to check it out.  The shape of the book is eye-catching, even though it isn't very large, and opens horizontally with the "home button" at the spine.

Stephanie is a documentary filmmaker and photographer (www.littlepurplecowphotography.com) and the focus of the book is less on the technical aspects of taking pictures with an iPhone and more about using that iPhone to look around you and capture spontaneous images.  The Art of iPhoneography is divided into major sections about the native camera, the more popular camera apps, photographers who are actively pursuing iPhoneography and samples of their work, and an inspiration section to spark your creativity.  She urges you to be present and actively see the possibilities around you.  Stephanie also urges everyone to share their work in some small way, through a blog or photo hosting site.

I thought this was a really handy guide.  Not so helpful to me with the "this is how your iPhone native camera/camera roll works" but the section of popular apps was very informational.  I only had Instagram and Hipstamatic at the beginning (and I was having trouble working out Hipstamatic) but I soon added Photoshop Express, ShakeItPhoto (love it), Photo fx, Lo-Mob, Camera Bag, Mill Colour, AutoStitch, PicGrunger (way cool), TiltShiftFocus (used it several times already), and TiltShiftGen.

Addicting, let me tell you.  I also signed-up for a Posterous account to upload my iPhone-taken and -altered pictures.  Too much fun and so time-consuming. 

I'm thinking about making my own daily photo challenge using some of the prompts from the back of the book.  Get ready for your close-up, my kitty-boys!


  1. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iTouch, and I love taking pictures with it. I will have to download some of the apps you mentioned--I hadn't heard of ShakeItPhoto, and PicGrunger sounds wayyy cool. Can't wait to use it!

    1. I think PicGrunger would make some of your "drink" pics look pretty cool :)