28 March 2012

New Music Obsession: Gotye

I was driving along the other day and heard a song on the radio (I don't always listen to the radio, usually I have an audiobook on my iPhone).  It was catchy, with a loping-lazy bounce and a little marimba hook.  I would have sworn it was John Mayer - not his style, but maybe he was branching out.  Nope, not him.  I did some Googling and the artist is the Belgian/Australian multi-instrumentalist Gotye.

The song?  "Somebody That I Used to Know"

I. Am. Obsessed.  It's got such a great hook and yet it's so simple in construction.  It's from his 2011 album Making Mirrors.  How did I miss it?  Buy, buy, buy!

And then Kate (via her friend Jeruen) turned me onto this:

There are five, FIVE, people around that guitar. They are Walk Off the Earth.  I will obsess over them, too.


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I can commiserate...I too have become obsessed by Gotye, but my obsession sprung from seeing him live. (What an awkward sentence!) Check out the blog post I felt compelled to write after the concert: www.cosmictwinsmedia.com

  2. That was a great review - if I get the chance I'd love to see him perform live. :)