21 August 2009

Bookspotting: August 21, 2009

"Bookspotting" is something I used to do for fun on the old "Book Explorers" board at BNBC (it was moderated by Ande from the Literary Ventures Fund); I called it "booksnooping" then but since I've just finished Trainspotting - and I think the correct term is "trend-spotting" as far as fashion goes - I like "bookspotting" better. Since the "Book Explorers" board is no longer active I'll just Bookspot on my blog and share what I see others reading in the Iowa City area.

The rules for Bookspotting are very simple: spy on your fellow humans to see what they are reading without actually bothering them to ask for title and author.

On the morning bus:
The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
A Sookie Stackhouse mass market (old cover art, not the TV-show tie-in)
A sword-and-sorcery fantasy mass market that has seen better days
(the bus was a bit thin this morning)

Current books-in-progress: Her Fearful Symmetry (Niffenegger's characters are always off-the-wall)
Current knitted item: now into the second skein for my 16-button cardie, just stockinette stitching for the next 7 inches (and since it's unseasonably cold for Iowa in August I might be needing it soon)
Current movie obsession: I was going to watch Videodrome last night....but it was the Project Runway season premiere so I watched three hours of PR while I knitted on my cardie (what was up with keeping Mitchell, who sent a nearly nude model down the runway, over Ari, who clearly made a finished garment that, although it was pretty-far out there, should have been given another shot)
Current iTunes loop: Chill Tracks playlist

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  1. Hey Melissa, I have given you an award! Please stop by and pick it up.