17 November 2009

Women Unbound Reading Challenge: Me too!!

When the Women Unbound Reading Challenge was first posted, I misread the dates and thought it was for November 2009 only.  So I wasn't going to sign up since I had a whole boatload of books to read for this month.

Silly me.

It's really for the whole year, November 2009 through November 2010.  I'm all for that. Lemme see....I think I'll have to join at the Suffragette level (at least eight books in the year, at least three of them non-fiction) since I am the moderator of "Literature by Women" and a good number of those books would probably count under the fiction heading.  I've already got one book in the works (Elaine Showalter's A Jury of Her Peers) that will take part of the year to read.

I think there's a meme or something I should fill out....

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  1. Thank you so much for participating! It's going to be fun and illuminating :-)