14 February 2009


While searching Ravelry's pattern, project, and yarn databases for ways to get rid of all that fugly Bernat Boa Fur yarn I acquired from the boss, it hit me.....CAT BED! I noticed a number of Ravelers had made Kitty Pi beds using a pattern from WendyKnits. Turns out the pattern is free online - wow. While Wendy's pattern calls for Noro Big Kureyon and felting it, the yarn I'm going to use won't felt (I'll just follow the directions for increases, using the needles called for by my yarn, and quit when the bed reaches as appropriate size). I will instead attempt to dump not only the Bernat but also other large amounts of fugly yarn that I have acquired.

Like four big balls of Lion Brand cotton craft yarn in bright red, gifted to me by my mom who bought it all for Raggedy Ann and Andy doll hair and then decided she needed a different kind. And couldn't find the receipt. And realised she'd already wound up one of the skeins into a ball and lost the ball band...so she gave it all to me.

I don't think the cats would mind a bright red bed with brown fur on the edges as long as it padded their perch. I think I might put this one on the rocking chair when I'm done with it (the cats first bed, my second knitting project, is on top of the bureau so they don't scratch the finish with their kitty claws).

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