08 February 2009

But my brain isn't old!!

Uggghhhh...I forced myself to go to the gym after close at the bookstore (we close at 7pm on Sundays, so I was out of there about 7:30 or so - not as much to pick up because a few of the managers had to do an overnight and rearrange the layout of one zone). Now, I don't have the lung capacity, at least not yet, to really go nuts at the gym so my plan is to at least put in the time at the gym and gradually build the intensity. So I did the treadmill for 60 minutes (mostly walking, on an incline).

Ow. My knee hates me. Both of them actually hate me, but the right one - the one I had surgery on in high school - hates me more. Oy. When will I accept that parts of me think they're older than what they actually are? I need to find some ice, some Advil, and have me a yummy salmon salad (the cats vote ditto on the salad, nay on the ice and Advil).

Then maybe a hot bath and a book.

PS: Someone finally fulfilled my wish and produced a plain, black diet and exercise journal that actually looks discreet. Excellent!

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