22 April 2010

A Bookshelf of Our Own

I picked up A Bookshelf of Our Own by Deborah Felder from the Women's History Month display at my store. 

I read it.

And I'm not terribly impressed by it - I've been working on this review for two weeks and that's all I find I have to say about it.  While I did like the inclusion of books like The Shawl, The Beauty Myth, The Woman Warrior, and Women, Race, and Class the rest of the book was fairly predictable as to selection.  The biographical sketches also left a bit to be desired.  In the chapter on My Antonia Felder writes of Willa Cather:
Completely absorbed in her work, Cather remained single despite opportunities for marriage (p 91).
Huh?  I've read enough Cather biography to know that Cather would have never, ever married because she was most likely asexual or a lesbian, the jury's still out on the exact orientation, so the line about having opportunities for marriage is just bizarre (the Felder bioketch also fails to mention Cather's long-time partner, Edith Lewis).  In the chapter on Beloved, the award of the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 is noted but not Morrison's Nobel Prize, awarded in 1993; considering all the biosketches cover events occuring after publication of the work under consideration it is a huge oversight.

I'm pretty "meh" about this one.

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