29 May 2009

Missed the #BEATwittyparty?

Me, too, and we had all the crazies at work so no one was terribly sympathetic about not having fun. And when I logged into Twitter everyone was done - no drunk-tweeting! I don't know whether I should be impressed or disappointed....hahaha!

Be sure to visit Fizzy Thoughts to see the songs she wrote for the Twitty Party - they are hysterical!

Natasha is lovely and hosting a Twitty Party - even though she's in New York at BEA - giveaway at her blog (including a mystery surprise from BEA) so see her post for instructions.

If you were trying to follow the #BEATwittyparty chat I guess it was moving really fast so be sure to check Rebecca's blog to see all the winners.

Don't forget - "No BEA? Books anyway!" is still on.

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