30 November 2008


Ah! The first real snowfall of the year. It's pretty, blowing around and coating the trees. It's also right on the freezing line so the roads have the potential to be pretty bad. They look OK for now - good because I have to go to the grocery store.

Last post of the month! Sorry no updates until today; my grandfather doesn't have Internet access and I was too tired Friday and Saturday (too many customers). It seems post-Thanksgiving shopping magnifies any pre-existing brain damage because people have really odd requests. For instance, someone wanted me to call a nearby B&N for a particular DVD box set; I confirmed in the computer that the store had one and offered to call and have it held - the customer said "No Thanks" and walked off. I don't get it - you wanted me to call in the first place and now that I have good reason to call them, you don't want me to....wha???

I watched the 1975 adaptation of Ballet Shoes - this one was not well done. BBC or no BBC, it was poorly shot and the adaptation was terrible. It cut a number of things including Dr. Smith, Miss Jay, the entire opening of the book (the girls' stories are told in flashback), Garnie is made out to be some sort of idiot, Pauline's opening break in Alice in Wonderland is combined with Midsummer and the film of Charles II is cut out entirely (the studio exec offered Pauline a contract on the basis of her performance in Peaseblossom), and Pauline is made out to be manipulative which is completely out of line for the character in the book. The new adaptation with Emma Watson is definitely better and more in line with the intent of the book.

Boss comes back this week. Oh boy.

Current book-in-progress: Udolpho, Reading Matters, Love Letters, oh, anything else I feel like and I have an itch to acquire a book about Eleanor of Acquitane
Current knitted item: Red variegated scarf
Current movie obsession: Almost done with The Lion in Winter (Burton/Hepburn version - couldn't they have worked a little more on her accent? She's fantastic otherwise)
Current iTunes loop: old Filmspotting episodes

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