10 November 2008

Packages are a nice surprise

When I got home today I found that the mailman had left a package from BNBC. Surprise! I wasn't expecting anything. Turns out the editors sent me two of the books for my group - but I already have them. Uh-oh.

I got my slouchy beret started. It's not going to knit up very fast because of all the cabling, but it is pretty. I need to get that and my red-variegated scarf done because it's COLD out!!

In other random thoughts/events, people who read books in the bookstore and damage them (i.e. break spines, tear pages, etc) SUCK! It's really hard to sell a book to a customer with a big crease going down the spine from some craptabulous customer who just wanted to look at the pictures of some serial killer. Also, if you're a "poor college student" why are you calling the bookstore and asking if we have an expensive text-book in stock? We aren't a public or research library. We expect our books to be purchased not "borrowed" - "poor college students" really need to go to the UI Main Library and either check the volume out or ask the librarians to obtain the volume through inter-library loan.

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