24 August 2008

Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?

So, yeah, confession: I've never watched Donnie Darko.

This is apparently a major gaffe in my cinema education. It's not that I never wanted to see the film, I justnever had the chance. I had some strange friends (at least in undergrad) who thought that The Mask and Adam Sandler movies were the height of cinematic brilliance.

Through the awesomeness that is Netflix I obtained Donnie Darko right about the same time that Conclave started in July. Due to an insane work schedule and the Olympics, I didn't get toDD until today. (NB: Because of the time difference the US men'sbasketball final didn't start until 1:30 am local time - right now the US is beating up on Spain) I now understand why certain friends often say "Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?"

I really like how the filmmaker gets into what makes Donnie tick. The final hypnosis scene where he sees Frank in the therapist's office was so good. Wow. Did anyone also wonder if Donnie took the revolver with him everywhere after he found it-even to school? I had to wonder after the car accident scene (also, great parallel with the movie theatre scene where Donnie and Frank talk across the top of a sleeping Gretchen's head).

I also liked how the 1988 presidential elections backdrop" the end of the world" paranoia (Bush/ Quayle vs-Dukakis/???) as well as other 80s references. "Notorious" was a great surprise cultural reference as was Star Search. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully filmed this is - I was for some reason expecting that area to be lacking and I was so pleased that the opening shots were so gorgeous.

Evil, hypocritical, religious-right gym teacher, LOVE! Also, other great quote, "my brother told her to shove a book up her ass and my parents bought him all this new shit."

Only one question: because "time-travel" concept allows the climax of the movie to loop back to the beginning of the movie (albeit different outcome) what is the story arc supposed to be? I'm voting an extended hallucination, based on Donnie's hopes and wishes but I could be completely wrong. Now, if only I could get The Secretary finished (I'm not really feeling like watching an S&M movie, but the two leads are really good).


  1. Did you get the theatrical cut or the Director's Cut?

    The commentary on the director's cut is the director and Kevin Smith, its awesome. (And, isn't the cinematography great? For example, the first scene at school where its one long camera shot walking us through basically the entire cast. Love it.)

  2. I think theatrical cut - the director's cut is back down the cue a ways.