25 April 2008

Ha! I'm not the only one

The College Board's National Commission on Writing just released a survey of 700 students - nearly 2/3 of the students said they blended e-communication styles into their written school assignments.

Guess I'm not the only one who noticed that teens really do write poorly. And I can't understand half of what they write.

Scary thought: Richard Sterling (a prof at UC Berkeley) thinks that capitalization could become obsolete because "when his teenage son asked what the presence of the capital letter added to what the period at the end of the sentence signified, he had no answer." HEY!! I use capitalization to help delineate parts of written language. Grrr.

[Side note: I have a headache because the barometric pressure is playing havoc with my sinuses. I'm going to lay on the floor of my office for a bit.]

Current book-in-progress: Last night I read more of The Shakespeare Wars, pretty interesting about the textual infighting amongst Shakespeare scholars
Current knitted item: Pretty red scarf (yesterday someone asked if it was a dishcloth - like hell it is because a) it's made of really nice alpaca/wool yarn and b) it's about 2 feet long)
Current movie obsession: Michael Clayton (I must be jaded from too many cop/legal shows because it's not really catching my interested although Tilda Swinton is quite good)
Current iTunes loop: KSUI

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  1. Capital letters do more than just delineate the end of a sentence from the beginning of one! For example, they alert the reader the use of a proper noun! GAH!