14 April 2008

Feasibility? Really?

So...like anyone who lives in Iowa City and is from the Chicago area/likes to visit the Chicago area/has friends who are from the Chicago area you know that train service bites. The Amtrak goes through Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, which is about 45 minutes south of us. And has a much smaller population (no University of Iowa, either). Much bemoaning this fact everytime one would like to visit something in Chicago but dread having to drive there. I'm partial to the Art Institute, the Adler, Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, and the Museum of Science and Industry. Just to name a few.

Today the Cedar Rapids Gazette announced that Amtrak had done a feasibility study regarding service from Chicago to Iowa City, etc., via the Quad Cities.

They did???? Did the Amtrak representatives actually speak to anyone in the Iowa City area to see if anyone is interested?? I didn't see anyone. Might actually be helpful to speak with the natives to see if we are CHOMPING AT THE BIT to have Amtrak service.

The results of the study will be announced on Friday morning at the Iowa Memorial Union on campus. Joy.

Current book-in-progress: Would anyone believe that I'm still working on Beloved? Vilette and Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (I have got to get an acronym for that) are still in the picture as well as The Gunseller (Hugh Laurie, the man can write and act) and whatever else I can procrastinate with
Current knitted item: Pretty blue sock (working on the ribbing) and pretty red scarf; the tan neck warmer refuses to start itself (humpf)
Current movie obsession: Watched Charlotte Gray with the BN crew (Birdsong doesn't exist as a movie as yet); very sad in some places but we were all punchy from having worked all day at the crazy store so we were making fun of some of the situations (Michael Gambon-Dumbledore references kept popping up). Great quote - "Beth, you took French, what's 'Un, deux, trois, cherchez la pas' mean?" "one, two, three...."
Current iTunes loop: John Mayer and the audiobook of 1984

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  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    That would be interesting to read. I have to take master courses about Shakespeare for my freshman year, so I should probably read it.

    I loved Hamlet, but I always thought that he had more complex characters (i.e. Macbeth, Richard III) but every scholar has their own opinion.