07 July 2010

"Literature by Women" is reading Bel Canto

This month the "Literature by Women" group travels to South America with Ann Pachett's Bel Canto.  Come join us!

I have to confess to a little fangirl pride.  I am a HUGE fan of Renee Fleming so I can identify with Mr. Hosokawa's reverence for Roxane Coss (who, incidentally, is modeled after Renee Fleming).  Renee came to sing in Iowa City in 2006 and I waited around after her performance to get my CDs and book signed:

 I did try very hard not to drool all over her (and I'm sure she's used to nutty fans by now).


  1. I loved Bel Canto and everything else Ann Patchett has written. When BC first became a bestseller there was talk of it being turned into a film, but I haven't heard anything more about that in years. Pity, it would make a great film.

  2. I loved Bel Canto when I first read it, and this is now tempting me to read it again! I knew of Renee Fleming before reading the book, but I came to like her a lot more after reading Bel Canto. I even made a book club soundtrack with all the pieces mentioned in the book; we listened to it as we discussed the book.