06 July 2010


I used my holiday Monday effectively by going to see Eclipse with some friends.  I didn't go to the midnight release this time since Jackie, who is the only friend I have who would want to do that, was out of town.  Happily, a matinee showing allowed grown-ups to watch Eclipse without wanting to strangle all the irritating tweeners.

Eclipse was the book I liked best out of the series and the movie adaptation is the best so far.  The book has the tightest plot and timeline and that helped because the movie didn't drag as much as New Moon did.  The screenwriter stayed pretty close to the book (at least as far as I can remember since I didn't re-read the book before hand) so all the major points of the novel are in the movie.  I did like the way the film followed the new vampires in the city, something the book didn't do, but since we all knew the storyline anyway....I didn't really miss the "suspense" and I really liked Bryce Dallas Howard's performance.  I missed Carlisle's full story (was hoping for the potato pile in the cellar) but I really liked the way Roslie's and Jasper's flashbacks were shot.

I think the acting was better this time around, even from the main three, so good on the director.  I'm not quire sure what was up with giving Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) about two lines total in the entire movie but that seems not right to me.  The makeup department needs to work on blending wigs better if the directors/cinematographers are going to continue the close-shot work in the next movie; Rosalie also needs blond eyebrows (I don't care that she's wearing a wig because she's got dark hair - blonde people generally don't have almost-black eyebrows, it looks wierd). 

So...strangely...I give this one a "decent job" compared to the last one which got a "better than the first but still needs work".

Preview love:
1.  Eat Pray Love - looks better than the book (sorry, the book never interested me - the movie, however, has Javier Bardem, yowza!)
2.  Charlie St. Cloud  - looks sad, maybe a rental later
3.  Voyage of the Dawn Treader - although the best book of the Narnia series (IMO) I'm not sure I want to see this since I skipped Prince Caspian when the previews looked terrible and the reviews even worse
4.  Buried - not much of a trailer....wtf? (the IMDB link has better information than that trailer)
5.  Red - OMG, Helen Mirren has automatic weapons and there's Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, and John Malkovich; I have got to see this

I am thoroughly disappointed - THERE WAS NO HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS TRAILER!!!!!!  Boo, big, BIG fail.

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