04 July 2010

Happy Birthday, USA!

I spent the afternoon at my parents' house alternately spoiling my neices (mostly Alexis, since she's the baby and the twins were occupied with building things with Duplos) and knitting.

The highlight of the day came when Ana came over and silently watched me knit.  After a few minutes she pointed to my shawl and asked what it was.

"It's a shawl," I said.

"A shauuuu...." Ana mused (the "L"s aren't quite there all the time).  "What's that?"

"It's like a very special, fancy blanket" (I have to use four-year-old logic here).

"Are you making it?"

"Yes, I'm knitting it."

"You knitting it with string?"

"Sort of, this is called yarn" (it's lace-weight, so it looks like string).

"Oh, you have blue string."

And off she went to build a duck out of Duplo blocks.

So yeah, I'm making a shauuuu out of blue string.  Happy 4th, everyone!

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  1. I just finished a baby blanket for my first grandchild due in August. I have an afghan that I need to finish and will be starting to work on a produce bag this week. Somewhere in there I need to get back to my reading as well. Have fun!