28 July 2010

Die Katzen sind nicht amüsiert

This is Chaucer.  Spam comments bore him.  They waste his mommy's time since she has to go delete them.

 Dante also doesn't like spam comments - spammers do not give tummy rubs.

Die Katzen sind nicht amüsiert.  Sie müssen ihren Bauch reibt.

So stop with the spam already!


  1. Hehehe hehehe The third pic is the best. Hehehehe. Is my giggling uncontrollably considered spam? ;)

  2. @Dhympna - That was Chaucer's "seriously, mom, you've taken like a 1000 pictures of us..." look; giggling is intended ;)

  3. I don't usually have a soft spot for cat pictures, but these are great. I also particularly like the third one. I fear that is often the face I have.

  4. I had really good light one morning so I took tons of pictures - I think Chaucer was tired of me trying to get his attention (and Dante wanted me to pay attention to him).

    I'd been waiting to use Chaucer's picture for a while....an anti-spam post sounded good (and, of course, I got a spam comment full of links to icky sex sites that I had to delete).