08 February 2009

Tricky, very tricky

This morning I was forced to concede that I still cannot make an omelette, no matter how hard I try. I just can't get the eggs to set before the bottom burns and then I can't get it flipped to cook the other side (I can't stand even remotely "wet" looking eggs). I must need either different/specialized utensils or a better set of cooking genes. So my omelette just looked like a cross between a fried egg and scrambled eggs mixed with whatever I meant to put on the inside. At least it still tasted OK.

I was having a lazy Sunday so after the omelette mess (which I cleaned up right away for once in my life so my kitchen is still clean) the cats and I crawled back into bed - the boys to have a nap and be petted, me to finish Three Bags Full. I'll post more thoughts later (I have a few friends who are also reading it who might not be done, yet) but suffice to say I think the sheep were brilliant, I love all their names (does anyone know where the word "Mopple" drives from?), and the novel was deliciously funny. A great scene - the flock debates whether or not humans have souls.

On tap for the rest of the day:
- Dusting/organizing/arranging the Hydra that is my office/library
- going to work at 3pm
- taking my gym things so I can go to the gym after work (this is why I've joined a gym that is open 24hrs even though I've never taken advantage of that)

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I might could be able to save your omelette.

    The trick is to use milk when you whisk it, (start with a little, you gotta do it by feel) then pour egg/milk/salt mixture into small saucepan, scatter your ingredients straight into the egg while it is still wet, cook for a while, and when you are sure the bottom is cooked a little sprinkle some good cheddar on top of that baby, and stick it in the oven, about 350 fahrenheit. I like to watch it rise, you know its done when the middle has risen, and your cheese is nice and bubbly, I apologise in advance, if this is not the omelette you wished to make, this is the fluffy cheesy yummy version that I make, those skinny flat things are not my style. Try it sometime and enjoy :)