07 February 2009

Such a pretty day!

Nice, bright sunny (and full of melting snow!) - I was able to open up the house today to the delight of the cats. I came back from the co-op to see Chaucer basking in the sun from the porch and laying directly in front of the open door.

If anyone would like to see what it's like to live in a building with a pack of slobs you are welcome to view the backyard for my building. The melting snow has revealed a disgusting amount of dog poop; the yard looks like a cow pasture.

I got almost everything I needed at the co-op today except sugar - I'm very attached to the bag of white sugar, unchanged since childhood, and it's not carried at the co-op. I'd meant to hit up Hy-vee today, too, for the items that I don't buy in organic form but I got called to come in to work at 2pm (full shift for once) instead of 5pm so I had to get what I needed at the co-op.

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