16 February 2009

Resolution Wrap-Up, Week 7

Slightly better on the work-out front - one trip to the gym, a ballet class, and a brisk walk in the snowstorm on Friday evening due to the city bus getting stuck on a hill (one of the fellows and I decided to hoof it the half-mile to the mall rather than sit and stew). I meant to hit the gym again on Saturday but got caught up in my closet cleaning frenzy followed by a stint on Ravelry. I've also tried to keep the snacking at night down to a minimum or at least try and have a snack for dinner and then have a salad when I get home at night; I'm really trying to keep the overall calorie count down.

I think I've lost a whole pound. It's not much but it's a start.

1 comment:

  1. closet cleaning counts as aerobic activity. Or, at least it should.