10 February 2009


I have Taylor Swift's stupid song that goes "It's a love story" or some such crap stuck in my head. Why???? She's a terrible singer (who cares what the teenagers and their parents' money say?), she doesn't have any breath control - evidenced by the fact that she breathes in the middle of both phrases and words, and the words to that song make absolutely NO SENSE. "You were Romeo, I was the scarlet letter" - how does that make any sense? You want to be a social outcast? Did the lyricisit even think about what he/she was writing? Get out of my head!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thank You! That Lyric drives me absolutely insane everytime I hear it! I think she wrote it or at least co-wrote it. Wouldn't at least someone at her record lable read the Scarlet Letter right? or at least seen the movie? right?