06 February 2009

Resolution Wrap-up, Week 5.5

Combination of Resolution Confessions for weeks five and six - both sucky due to some sort of cracked-out intestinal complaint. Wish I could say it worked as well as a diet but I only lost water weight and was only interested in eating water, yoghurt (plain), cranberries, dt Coke, and ... (wait for it) ... peanut butter. Yup. In the midst of a massive peanut butter recall that was one of the only things I could eat and it wouldn't run straight through me. Ah, good old Skippy. I still have no idea what I had; at some point last week I wished I actually had contracted Salmonella so I could put a name to it and perhaps find some treatment.

Said stomach complaint put the kibosh on both gym time and ballet (with the exception of one class) due to frequent mad dashes to the bathroom. Trust me - trying to hurriedly wriggle out of a sweater, skirt, leotard, and tights when I'm already sweaty is an exercise I particularly try to avoid.

Dad was actually very (very) nice and came down for the second straight weekend, this time to install my new tub doors. Yay! No more sticking to the icky shower curtain liner. The installation went smoothly and the only inhabitants of my house who are disappointed are the cats; they are no longer able to play in the (dry) bathtub but I'm sure it won't be long before they figure out the way the doors work.

The cats were also doubly disappointed when I replaced the old kitty-cat sucker-upper (a.k.a. vacuum cleaner) with a brand-new one; the old one had the poor taste to spit bits of the insides all over the carpet while trying to vacuum up the metal shavings from the tub door fitting. The new vacuum is a Bissell Lift-Off Pet and it does exactly what it promises - vacuums up all the pet hair. I could make another cat or two with all the fur the vaccum has pulled out of the carpet and upholstery.

I'm now pretty sure Harry Potter is going to consume my evening; I've had a hankering to watch/read HP since I finished Melissa Anelli's Harry, A History this week. It's a really fun book that looks at the Harry Potter phenomenon from the inside - Anelli is the Webmistress of The Leaky Cauldron fansite and used her journalism and English major skills to lend some legitimacy to the fan base (hey, she got to interview JKR a few times, so it pays off!).

Current book-in-progress: Silas, Three Bags Full (the sheep all have really great names), Mistress of the Monarchy, and (poor me) Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human
Current knitted item: Pretty red socks (I'm still pissed at that scarf)
Current movie obsession: Harry Potter
Current iTunes loop: My Classical Playlist on Shuffle

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