21 February 2013

The Duke Diaries (The Royal Entourage #3)

Summary from Goodreads:

Your heart will be set afire with The Duke Diaries, the third book in Sophia Nash’s Royal Entourage series set in Regency England.

After a wild, scandalous night, Rory Lennox, the Duke of Abshire, finds himself in the bed of his sworn enemy’s wholesome sister, Verity Fitzroy. To protect her honor and keep the peace, he agrees to marriage, but it’s an engagement neither is happy about—until unimaginable occurrences make them view the other in a new, passionate light.

RITA Award–winning author Sophia Nash is a master of the historical romance who has created unforgettable, compelling characters with powerful emotions and intense sensuality. Sparkling and smart, The Duke Diaries is a wickedly fun romp that will leave you breathless.

I love the premise of this series - The Hangover Regency-style - and the first two books in the series were great reads, I feel like the forward motion now stalls with The Duke Diaries.  Rory and Verity's elder brother, the Duke of Candover, have some serious bad history with Candover's deceased fiancee and pretty much loathe each other.  Verity doesn't want to get married (there are lots of reasons thrown up why she won't/can't/etc).  And then Verity's diaries - a sort-of tell-all set of volumes where she recorded the exploits of her brother and the other dukes of the Royal Entourage for her own amusement and inexplicably totes them around with her everywhere - are stolen and published in installments in the news-sheets.  It just goes around and around with a brief glimpse at Esme and Norwich from book 2 (the books are running concurrently) but never really goes.

And then there's the odd, unexplained Sussex/Verity's ex-companion plotline....

Well, I still want to read the next book since we are more-or-less guaranteed to see Isabelle, the Duchess of March, matched with His Grumpiness the Duke of Candover (the groom whose bachelor party to end all bachelor parties ended with standing-up his bitchy (according to his sisters) bride and touching off the series).

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