04 May 2012

The Avengers!!

Midnight premiere!  Whee!  I'm almost certain we had the theatre full of Joss Wheedon geeks. And Joss Wheedon douchebag fans - had a few of those, too.

With the buildup of the other Marvel movies (Captain America, Thor, two Hulks, and two Iron Men) The Avengers movie was going to succeed or fail on an epic scale.

I'm glad to say that the balance tips in favor of succeed.  Nick Fury's ragtag-ish band of demigods, geniuses, and super-soldiers mixed well.  It's a superhero/comic book movie with a buddy-cop vibe.  Wheedon picked through his characters' big personalities and let them pick on each other: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner trade mild barbs while simultaneously designing a hightech tracking system; Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America beat the tar out of each other school-yard style; Agent Coulson gets a fanboy moment.  As with Wheedon's well-known TV shows, the dialogue is snappy and comebacks crack one after another.

A note for the fanboys and girls out there:  THERE IS NO NEED TO BE THE LOUDEST ASSHOLE IN THE THEATRE.  You like Joss Wheedon, great.  There is no need to yell at the screen during a very poignant moment in the film.  You ruin it for the rest of us.  Save it for the DVD release.

Preview goodness:
1. Prometheus - I. Can. Not. Wait.  Michael Fassbender in an Alien movie directed by Ridley Scott.  Will be amazing.
2. The Amazing Spider-Man - I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I've never been super interested in Spider-Man as a character...I've got friends who are excited about this so I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing this in the theatre.
3. Frankenweenie - What? Oh, Tim Burton has an entire movie based on a meh picture book. Yawn.  I'm so over Tim Burton.
4. The Dark Knight Rises - I feel like the trailers are failing this movie.  Then again, this is a movie that will make serious box office money even if it's terrible.
5. Brave - SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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