03 September 2010

Penguin 75: Designers | Authors | Commentary (the good, the bad...)

Dear Penguin Books,

Congratulations on 75 years!  Well done!  Penguin 75 is a wonderful look back at the amazing range displayed in your many, many covers.  The illustrators, designers, and editors are amazing and talented.

I would like all (repeat, all) the books in your Deluxe Classics imprints, Graphic or otherwise (heck, even the pretty new black-and-artwork Classics, of which there are hundreds, are similarly covetable).  They are gorgeous, particularly Philosophy in the Boudoir, and ingenious, like Candide and The Three Musketeers.  The Graham Greene and Steinbeck collections are lovely.

Please excuse the drool that has dripped so unfortunately onto Penguin 75.  It's all due to book lust.

Melissa (aka, the balletbookworm)

PS: The cover of The Vivisector has scared the pants off of at least three people - well done, you!
PPS:  Please resolve any copyright squabbles as regards the last three volumes of Proust's In Search of Lost Time; my first four Penguin Deluxe paperbacks are getting lonely.

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  1. 4 people. The Vivisector cover has scared the pants off at least 4 people. And, now I have to go find my pants.