01 May 2010

Tra-la, it's May!

The lusty month of May (I used to have the entire Camelot soundtrack memorized). By "lusty" I mean "I am going to sit on my porch and read every chance I get" because my life went all sorts of crazy in April. Trying to get people to buy a 2 bedroom condo is insane; you'd think I (and my real estate agent) was asking people to drink a colonic of straight bleach or something. Sheesh.  Today is particularly lovely, not too cool, with a breeze, and big fluffy white clouds in a bright blue sky.  Perfect for lazy swinging and reading.

Like I did when I was a kid.  Even after I got too big to play on the swingset in our backyard I liked to sit on the glider portion and read, swaying in the breeze.  It's very peaceful...(****zzzzzzz****)...what?? Oh, sorry, dozed off for a bit which is the other reason why I like reading on the porch.  Napping.

To that end (the reading end, that is) I'm going to concentrate on reading kids and YA books while whiling away my reading time on the porch.  My Newbery Project is woefully behind and while I didn't participate in the Shelf Discovery Challenge I would like to revisit (or visit anew) many of the books Lizzie Skurnick profiled in Shelf Discovery (read last summer).  And read some more Judy Blume (who really ought to have a Nobel Prize).

This, then, is my Nostalgia Project.  I've been thinking about all the books that meant so much to me as a kid and how much I'd like to read them again.  Or read some books that I can't remember reading as a kid, but think I did. There will obviously be overlap with the Newbery Project and I'm not going to call it a challenge because I see this extending far beyond the limits of one summer.

Gotta go.  The porch swing is calling and I borrowed Flowers in the Attic from the library to get me started.

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