06 January 2010


TWITTERATURE is the brainchild of @AcimanandResnsin (you can follow them on Twitter).

They cooked up this idea at the UChicago - tweet great literature in 20 tweets or less.  Fantastic.

A little jealous I didn't think of that. :(  Boo for boring old me.

@penguinusa has published their tweets in book format.  Great fun to read.

Yes, I realize irony of buying this in paper format when it's available in ebook (didn't think to check first).

Best twitter feed in TWITTERATURE is the Hamlet feed - HYSTERICAL.  Sort of wish they did "Rosencranz&Guildenstern Are Dead" feed, too

Best tweet: "Gatsby is so emo.  Who cries about his girlfriend while eating breakfast...IN THE POOL?"

However, unimpressed by PRIDE AND PREJUDICE tweeting; most definitely could do better (you can tell @AcimanandRensin are male, no offense)

Have heard rumblings that TWITTERATURE will supplant actual work; total bollocks because TWITTERATURE only funny if you've read original

Case in point: never read THE DEVIL IN THE FLESH so tweeted version not funny to me, however, tweeted ANNA KARENINA or ILIAD was ROTFL

Do have to give language warning, lots of f- and other-bombs + sex slang; doesn't bother me but is off-putting to some.

Great read for literature freaks (like moi).

(haha, am totally clever for doing TWITTERATURE review as tweets; probably not that original, though; meh)

(also, I realize Twitter doesn't do embedded links but you gotta humor me on that one)

Current book-in-progress: The Complete Stories, Illness, What are Intellectuals Good For?, and A Jury of Her Peers
Current knitted item: baby sweater for my new niece (I might actually want to knit on that)
Current movie obsession: You've Got Mail
Current iTunes loop: John Mayer anything (love, love, love)

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