20 October 2008

I watched a whole movie....wow

Embarassingly enough, I've had the same three DVDs from Netflix for the past month. Or more. I can't remember when the most recent one arrived but it was definitely a month ago. I just didn't have enough time to sit down and watch a movie, particularly a movie I've never seen (this was complicated by my having purchased both Slings and Arrows Complete Set and Criminal Minds Season 3 - being television shows they are easier to watch on a time crunch).


Sunday evening was the perfect time to finally sit down and watch a movie (I returned home from NCDC in Indy and had all the laundry in the washer). I had three to choose from: Velvet Goldmine, Withnail and I, and Penelope.

I chose Velvet Goldmine mostly because I'd tried and failed to watch it before - I was distracted by a vomiting feline previously and didn't have the attention required to follow the shifting storyline. Now, I did really like the movie and I thought the casting was excellent (both Christian Bale and Toni Collette had wonderful roles) but I got a bit confused toward the end.


Did Brian Slade re-emerge as Tony Stone (hence the name change that Stuart couldn't access)? The one good close-up of Stone didn't look very much like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (Slade) but that was the only point on which I was confused (even the whole Oscar Wilde - Jack Fairy - Curt Wild sideline didn't mess me up).

But overall I thought Velvet Goldmine was awesome and wish I'd seen it in the theatre when it came out. The movie also has a bit of a bonus - if you ever had a wish to see what Ewan MacGregor looks like minimally clothed, you get your wish.

I also started Withnail and I - about 30 minutes in - and Richard E. Grant is hysterical (lighter fluid!).

Current book-in-progress: The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell (I listed to the audio recording of Assassination Vacation on my way to/from Indy and it is rediculously funny)
Current knitted item: one yellow secret item
Current movie obsession: Withnail and I
Current iTunes loop: Of Sorcerers and Men: Tolkien and the Roots of Modern Fantasy Literature (Portable Professor)

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  1. You know there's a drinking game to go with Withnail and I, right?

    You drink everything Withnail drinks, when he drinks it, lighter fluid optional.