20 February 2008

Where's my crayon sharpener?

I just wrote the worst professional letter in the history of the hospital. So bad that I deleted it before anyone else could see it and started over again. I sounded like a kindergartner with a broken crayon.


This is all probably due to the fact that my neurons are still disrupted after some seriously strange dreams. I finished The Club Dumas and Requiem for a Dream and there was some strange stuff floating around in my head. The Club Dumas was OK - the denoument was a bit of a let down because I'd been expecting something spectacular and even the crazy guy summoning demons was fairly sedate. The writing flowed very well, even in tranlsation, so that was nice. Requiem for a Dream was seriously one crazy book about some very messed up people. Selby knows of what he writes and his vernacular writing style really made the characters' speech patterns come alive and differ from one another (Sara, Harry, Marion, Tyrone). The last 50 pages were just excruciating which is probably the way Selby meant the book to end.

That's also why I probably had a dream about a satanic, one-armed heroin addict.

Current book-in-progress: Susan Jacoby's The Age of American Unreason (read some great reveiews and just had to go buy it); I'm still chipping away at the Harold Bloom; started the ARC for the First Look Book Club (on chapter 2 - seems OK)
Current knitted item: trying to decide if I want to add a bit of a pattern to the cuff now that it's past the ankle or not
Current movie obsession: I work too much - no time to watch movie :(
Current iTunes loop: I've been listening to NPR today - I think the programming is starting to repeat from the morning (does it always do this?)

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