27 March 2007

Netflix and 'Net courtesy

I finally got Netflix after debating with myself for quite sometime. I am stupid for not having signed up earlier. The price is great and the selection is WAAAAAYYYY better than any of the video stores in town (they have ballet - BALLET! - modern dance, opera - I'm in love).

And now for a minor rant: If you are reading this, and you do any posting on a forum of any kind - for book groups (BNBC, SF, Yahoo), knitting, politics, AXS, whatever - please, for the love of God, use some punctuation and some capitals. Otherwise, I'm gonna rip your fingers off.

omg william hurt was so good as mr rochester but imo toby stephens was hott just like i imagined but dont tell i didnt read the book for class i read the cliffs notes

How much of that do you think is fun to read? Imagine a whole page - several paragraphs at least - on a computer screen. At least throw some periods and capitalize the first letter of the sentence so I know when each one starts and ends. It's like a foreign language! And don't get me started on ALL THE PEOPLE WHO POST EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Ugh.

Current book-in-progress: Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom; I'm starting Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night since I think that's what I want to write my paper on; and Bound to Please and The Cambridge Companion to Modern American Literature (oy - but good).
Current knitted item: Eeyore #2 - and he's on hold since I ran out of blue-gray yarn and had to order two skeins from Eydie (!!!!); still have to seam and stuff both before April 1.

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