24 April 2012

The Voice: Live Eliminations April 24, 2012

Yet another Tuesday elimination on The Voice

Ooh, Florence + The Machine!!!!  New single, "New Light, New Light" (I really have to buy Ceremonials).  I love how it's a great mix of rock, pop, and New Age-y (hey, there's Team CeeLo up there, too).

Who did America save (apparently Tony and Juliette hit #1 and #2 on the rock charts on iTunes)?
Team Adam:  Tony (I was pretty sure he would get through - it was a performance that people would really like)
Team CeeLo:  Jamar (this was a toss up between Jamar and Juliette for me - both gave really heartfelt performances but I was hoping Juliette would get through)

Team Adam sing-off:
  • Mathai - she chose "Cowboy Casanova" and it sounded pretty good. I'm not sure if she connected with the song well; I got emotion in that arm that was flailing around but not in her voice.  The band overshadowed her a bit much so maybe not the best arrangement.  (I'm not sure why Carson talks to the coaches for the first performer, then rushes the others)
  • Katrina - she chose "Perfect".  A good choice for her since the words fit the situation and she could really belt, use the emotion.  Great praise from Christina - I'd like to hear original material from Katrina for sure.
Adam saved: Katrina.  Thank god - Adam rambled so long I had no idea where he was going (I just realized that it has to blow standing up there while the other three coaches say who they would save and none of them say your name - I would barf fer shiz while waiting).  Mathai is a doll, though, and I hope that the record execs are watching and give her a chance.

Team CeeLo sing-off:
  • Cheesa - she chose "Already Gone".  Eeep, she started off with the breathy thing and it was pretty flat all over.  Ack.  Hmmm, even the chorus was a bit flat, but better as she went on.  Oh Blake, just because you hit the big note doesn't erase the poor breath support throughout.  Even though not everyone is perfect all the time, you have to do it when it counts.
  • Juliette - she chose "Torn".  Also, another great choice because she could use the power and the nerves to get into the song.  She just kills it, every time.  I said it yesterday, I love her.  Love. Her.  AND she hit every note.  (I'm a technical singer - remember?  You get off pitch, you find your way back, ASAP)
CeeLo saved: Juliette, yes!!!! (uh, did Adam duck out?  No Adam commentary on who CeeLo would save?  Oh, CeeLo - Cheesa is SO NOT CLASSICALLY TRAINED.  CHRIS MANN IS CLASSICALLY TRAINED.)

Side notes:
  • Dear audience: STOP YELLING while the coaches are talking; if Adam says "Shut it" then you shut it.  End of story.

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  1. He didn't say that she was classically trained, only that she sounded that way :)