10 April 2012

The Voice: Live Elimination April 10!

It's The Voice!  Four more singers will go home but first Jessie J (wearing an odd combination of a military-inspired romper and a sheer curtain for a skirt) performed "Domino" with an assist (sort-of) from Team Christina.

Team Adam:
  • Mathai
  • Tony Lucca
  • Pip
    • I am really surprised that Katrina didn't get into the top three but she did have to sing first and that is a hard spot to be in.  People can forget your performance with eleven other singers.
Team CeeLo:
  • Juliet Simms
  • Jamar Rogers
  • James Massone
    • I am not surprised to see Juliet and Jamar voted through.  They gave the two best performances of the night (and I voted for them!).  I'm a little surprised the voting went with James not Cheesa - but I did say he appealed to the teenager portion of the public and you know they all voted as many times as possible. 
The Sing-offs!

Team Adam:
  • Kim: She choose "Spotlight".  This is a song that is right in her wheelhouse and she did a great job with it.
  • Karla:  She sang "I Can't Make You Love Me".  It was good - she tried for some dynamic contrasts and it went much better than last night's "Airplanes".  I would have liked to see "Bertha" come out.
  • Katrina:  She went with "Don't Speak".  I am really surprised by her choice because she's never come off with much of a "rock" attitude.  She did a great job - the song let her really belt for one.
    • The non-Adam judges went with Katrina...and so did Adam.  I thought he might go with Kim, might, but Katrina did really put the emotion into her performance.

Team CeeLo:
  • Tony: He picked "Sweet Dreams are Made of This".  Weird.  He sounded better tonight than last night but the posturing is definitely not my favorite thing.  As much as he says he wants to get way from the Broadway thing he always looks like he's acting.
  • Cheesa: She sang "All By Myself".  I don't know what was up with her mike but her aspirants were really loud.  She went for it on the last chorus but her pitch sounded a bit funky to me.  Not quite as good as last night.
  • Erin:  First things first, she looks really cute tonight not like Grace Jones, Jr.  She sang "Your Song" which got a bit overdone with Moulin Rouge.  I still don't like her voice.  Not only is it too squeaky for my taste I think she puts on a lisp.  Gah!
    • Please CeeLo, for the love of God pick Cheesa or Tony.  He went with Cheesa (although it was a little mean for him to go "My head says Tony but my heart says Cheesa...a little mean)

Side notes:
  • Yay, Adam, you listened and unbuttoned your top buttons.  Whew.
  • Also, I agree with Adam - the contestants have to sing from the heart all the time, not just when it can save their bacon.  They have to be hungry.
  • Xtina looked really nice - a good contrast to the "boobs-out" looks she's had recently (oops, she forgot Tony's name).

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  1. Tony's performance was no different from any other musical number that any of the judges would do. Broadway and singing are kind of the same when it comes to that stuff. But Tony so should have been picked over Cheesa, he did way better than her!

    (I am not going to repeat myself here, I figure if you want you can read what I wrote in my own blog yourself :))