17 April 2012

The Voice: Live Eliminations April 17, 2012

So after last night's cut-one-team-member bad-surprise The Voice is back to cut another member from Team Blake and Christina.

First up - a performance by British group (?techno boy band) the Wanted with an assist by Blake's team.  I wasn't really familiar with them and it was an...adequate performance.  I wasn't impressed by the song or group (and you couldn't hear Blake's team members).  I was actually more worried for the dancers considering at least one of them nearly tripped over the white backdrop when it was dropped right where they were danced.  Bad staging decision.

Who was saved (after Carson stalled for frickin' ever - srsly?)?  From Team Christina it was Chris (FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!) and America voted through Jermaine on Blake's team (surprising, I thought it would be Erin but I like him, too).

Team Christina singoff:
  • Ashley chose "You and I" - I didn't quite like the quieter ending, needed a bit more of a bang but she sounded good.
  • Lindsay went with "Please Don't Go" - such a good choice for her because she tapped into the coffeeshop roots she is used to; she's grown a lot because I think the Lindsay from the blind auditions wouldn't have looked at the audience or shown so much emotion
Oh, look, what a surprise (I'm with Carson - that was so not a surprise) it's Justin Bieber.  He brought a clip from his new video from "Boyfriend".  Eh, color me bored.  It was barely thirty seconds of video where he looked like an overly groomed tweener being groped by hands.  He rapped, it was OK.  (Aaaaand, he's going to be on The Voice in three weeks.  Meeeehhh)

Christina saved: Lindsay!  (I really don't have an opinion, they're both good singers and either would have been a good choice)

Team Blake singoff:
  • Erin went with "Proud Mary" - it's a great choice for her vocally because she's got a big voice and she uses it.  Go Erin!
  • Then RaeLynn sang "If I Die Young" - ok, that much styling is really annoying; she doesn't really talk like with such an exaggerated accent so why sing like that?  If it were my choice, I'd certainly not keep her with that accent.  Also, this song is really poignant (and sad) and she so doesn't pull that off.
Blake saved: Erin!  (Thank you, because I don't think I could have handled another week of RaeLynn.  She's cute and all but the yowling was getting out of control)

Side notes:
  • caught the trailer for Dark Shadows - is it just me, or is Johnny Depp just playing yet another facet of his always-witty-and-wacky Captain Jack persona only more Nightmare Before Christmas in color palatte as opposed to Alice in Wonderland Technicolor?  It's supposed to be wierd.  Not daft.
  • CeeLo has had Dorothy's ruby slippers enlarged and made into a fabulous blazer.  Love it.
  • People, it is RUDE AS HELL to yell "We Love You, [fill in the blank]" while the person is trying to talk to the performer on the stage.  You look like a moron, please be an adult and a good audience member.
  • Carson needs to not stall so much early in the show then he wouldn't get that harried/freaked out look as the show starts to run long.


  1. Totally Team Chris. I love his bespoken self.

  2. On Dark Shadows - no it's not just you x3