04 April 2012

The Voice: Live Elimination April 3!

I had to DVR the live elimination of The Voice (like I did the performances last night).  Although I really wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the "bottom three" from each team, I do love how the coaches are given the opportunity to keep one singer off each team.  One more chance for each artist to stay alive.

Team Blake saves:
  • Erin
  • Jeremiah
  • RaeLynn
    • I am definitely happy that Erin and Jeremiah were voted through.  I'm a bit surprised with RaeLynn, I thought Jordis would be through for sure but they were probably close.  I wish Naia had got through but Erin, Jeremiah, and RaeLynn did have big performances that did stick in the mind more than Naia's lovely, more nuanced song.
Team Christina saves:
  • Jesse
  • Lindsey
  • Chris
    • So, so happy to Jesse and Chris voted through.  I am really surprised that Sera was not part of the top three for Team Xtina.  I thought she sounded a bit more secure than Lindsey.
The sing-offs!

Team Blake
  • Naia:  She chose "If I Were a Boy" which I thought fit her really well.  Her first run through the chorus felt a little shaky (nerves) but she ad-libbed really well.  I don't think it helped when Blake said he wished she did something reggae when he most likely knew she didn't have the opportunity to choose that from the song list.
  • Charlotte:  She chose "Iris".  I think her nerves were getting to her.  The performance felt pitchy and forced (what, no commentary from Blake before commercial?).
  • Jordis:  She chose "Wild Horses" and nailed it.  It was a different choice for her as a rocker but it worked in that moment.
    • Blake did go with Jordis.  I love Naia's style and I hope she sticks with it - she's so talented - so I was sorry to see her go.
Team Christina
  • Ashley:  She chose "Paris, Oooh, lala."  She had the right sound for the song but I was losing a lot of her words.  Rock solid nerves, though, and she came out and had fun.  It showed.
  • Sera:  She chose "Vision of Love" - a good fit for her voice.  She souded really good, nice runs and ad-libs. 
  • Moss:  He chose "Break Even/Falling to Pieces."  He came out and sang.  He did a good job.  He doesn't have the voice to compete with Ashley and Sera - some of the higher pitches just weren't there - but he did a really good job. 
    • Christina kept Ashley.  I was sure she would go with Sera since she had that connection with her at the blind auditions.
Side note:  Christina is making better clothing choices this season.  I would have gone with a different shade for her dress tonight, though, since that orange wasn't lighting well with her tan.

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