21 September 2009

Clear Off Your Shelves: Challenge #2

This is a reading challenge I need. Desperately.

Swapna at S. Krishna's Books is hosting the "Clear Off Your Shelves" Challenge from October 1 - November 20, 2009.


Rules are that a percentage of books read during the challenge time-frame must be either non-review books or review copies moldering on the shelf for more than six months (non-review books have no time limit) - Swapna's challenge post explains this in much greater detail. The minimum percentage for this challenge is 20% (different from other challenges in that no pre-challenge list-making is involved).

I don't have a backlog of review copies (not quite into the solicitation game, yet) but I do have books I won from publishers so I will count those as "review" copies since I do feel I owe the publisher a review for sending me the book. Sooo....since I read mostly my own books I will set my challenge percentage at (get this) fifty percent.

Crazy, huh? I do like to be ambitious and I have a boatload of books that need to get themselves read. If you'd like to participate and clear off your shelves, too, make sure you go to Swapna's sign-up page and use the Mr. Linky!

Dewey's 24-hour-Readathon is October 24, too, so I think I'll participate and clear some books (may have to stay off the Internet that day since it's become the major time-suck of late....says the doofus updating her blog).

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  1. Ooh, 50%! You're ambitious, but I'm sure you can get it done. Good luck!