18 September 2009

BBAW: In Short

What do I love best about my blog...in only fifty words??

My blog is exactly like my house, full of books and DVDs and yarn and kitties, plus whatever random thoughts that happen to float into my head. My house is much messier, though, and my laundry is never put away.

And then, where would I like my blog to be by next BBAW...also in fifty words??

I only recently started actually reviewing books so I'd like to amp that up and maybe get involved in a few more challenges. Sooo.....more books, more DVDs, more yarn, and more kitties (I hope everyone likes cute kitty pictures).


  1. Our blogs are our little worlds. I love it that way!

    BBAW: Setting Goals

  2. Hey Melissa, I have an award for you


  3. Laundry is meant to be put away???!

    Cleaning is for women who haven't yet discovered knitting or books....

    chana ^_^

  4. Hi Melissa, I just found your blog through BBAW and I'm enjoying it. I'm also a reader and dancer (I only wish I could make it to ballet class every day). I'm looking forward to reading your posts. :)